African American Festival in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore has been the home of a robust African American population since the city was found in the early 1700s. They have been contributors for the city’s economy growth and development.

Some of the cultural sites and events established by the black population are the Reginald F. Lewis Museum that highlights the history and accomplishments of Maryland’s African American, Frederick Douglas-Isaac Myers Maritime Park Museum, the America’s first wax museum containing the 150 life size wax figures of African American and the African American Festival started to celebrate annually.

Last year the African American Festival was held on July 2-3, 2016 at two different venues: Camden Yards Sports Complex and M&T Bank Stadium and for this year there is no tentative date and venue yet in which the festival will take place, since the community are still searching again for the best venue.

For everyone’s enjoyment, the African American Festival is free of charge, no entrance fee, no minimum required that makes this event more enjoyable and interesting!

During the festival, the community takes pride about their cultures, education and history. That is why it features cultural exhibits, contests, health screenings and most of all the financial empowerment activities. While other festivals in Baltimore, Maryland are prohibited to children aging from 18 years and below, the African American Festival also welcomes children to join and be part of the greatest festivals yearly since there will be number of activities made for children.

Last year event was hosted by Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Black Enterprise and greiBO and it was blessed to have sponsors such as the following:

Ciroc Ultra Premium

AC Repair Baltimore



Magic 95.9 FM


What Can You Expect From African American Festival?

Beauty Pavilion- features the leading leaders and companies in terms of hair and make up, giving you a young fresh new look!

Brown Girl Village- comes with photo sessions, fashion tips, photo opportunity with celebrity guests and charm classes.

Community Connections- There are course games and exercises to bring each and every attendee to be closer together and enjoy the bonded culture of Africans and Americans.

Culture Village- attendees can enjoy live music, mouth-watering food, creative dance and cultural crafts.

Next Level- on this tent, there are coaches and hiring staff for job interviews. Don’t miss the chance to land a job and get your feet on the next level tent during the African American Festival.